14 - 15 December 2009
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Date: 25-06-2009
The contributed session of papers is being built given the positive response to the Call.
Date: 29-05-2009
Welcome to the official website of TOI 2, Second Workshop on Industrial Organization

Call for Papers

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We are pleased to announce the realization of the second "Workshop on Industrial Organization". This international symposium was the first meeting oriented specifically to Industrial Organization (IO) and Antitrust Policy to be held in Chile, gathering well-known world experts on such fields. We expect this second version of the workshop to be part of a long series of annual workshops in IO and related areas in Chile.

The purpose of the workshop is to encourage, through a cozy and stimulating environment, discussion and interaction between foreign and Chilean researchers and students, in relation with the state of the art of IO.

The two-day conference will be structured with four 75 minutes sessions with presentations of foreign researchers, two presentations by invited national researchers and a session of Chilean contributed talks. The audience will consist mostly of professional economists, from academia and regulatory related institutions, and graduate students.

We invite the submission of high quality papers on Industrial Organization and Antitrust Policy for a contributed session organized at the second Workshop on Industrial Organization. Potential presenters are requested to submit only one paper each as the number of papers that can be included in these sessions is very limited. You will be notified well before the workshop whether your paper is accepted.

Key Speakers

Scholarship for students

There will be granted total and partial scholarships for students. To apply you must send a statement, CV and the name of your leading teacher.

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