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Date: 05-11-2015

We have extended the deadline for abstract submission to November 25th, 2015.

Date: 14-08-2015
Welcome to the Oficial Website of Land Translog III Workshop. We invite you to send us your work and participate on March 2016.







Joint Workshop on Location and Network Design - Transportation and Logistic

Santa Cruz, Chile, March 13-17, 2016



The Complex Engineering Systems Institute (ISCI) has the pleasure to announce the Workshop LAND – TRANSLOG III, a special joint workshop, which is a continuation of a series of previous successful events that were held in 2009 and 2011 in Chile, and invites you to submit an abstract.


The goal of the first LAND workshop, held in March 2009, was to gather together researchers in the fields of Location and Network Design. In parallel, the TRANSLOG Workshop, organized in December 2009, focused on Transportation and Logistics. However, it included topics that overlapped with those in the LAND Workshop, and attracted people that would feel comfortable attending also the LAND Workshop. In December 2011 we took one more step in promoting interaction and exchange of ideas among people coming from the two fields, and organized the joint event LAND-TRANSLOG II, which was very successful in exploring common interests and learning how researchers from other fields address the same or similar problems. In 2013, our group also organized the last TRISTAN Conference in the North of Chile. After that effort, and with the intention of keeping continuity in this interaction of very interesting and fruitful research topics, we decided to organize a new version of the LAND – TRANSLOG series, to be held in the Hotel Santa Cruz Plaza, in the beautiful town of Santa Cruz-Chile, in March 13 – 17 next year.

Scope and Topics

Presentations are encouraged focusing on theory, modeling or applications of Location and Network Design, including but not limited to Health, Energy, Telecommunications, Retail, Natural Resources, Environment, etc.; presentations dealing with methodology, including exact methods, heuristics and simulation are also welcome. From the transport and logistics side, the workshop will include topics spanning classic problems in transportation and logistics, planning and control strategies, fleet management, routing, timetabling and vehicle scheduling, crew scheduling, real-time optimization of operational schemes, among other areas of interest. 


Confirmed Speakers

- Gerald Brown, Naval Postgraduate School

- Richard Church
, University of California-Santa Barbara

- Leandro Coelho, Université Laval, Quebec

- Michel Gendreau, École Polythecnique de Montréal

- Monique Guignard, Wharton University of Pennsylvania

- Abilio Lucena, Universidad Federal do Río de Janeiro 

- Vladimir Marianov, Pontifica Universidad Católica de Chile

- Mikael Ronqvist,Université Laval, Quebec

Important Dates & General Information


- Abstract submission: October 20th,  2015

- Maximum abstract length: 500 words

- Extended deadline submission:  November 25th, 2015

- Workshop: March 13-17, 2016

- Early Registration: January 10th, 2016

- Venue: Hotel Santa Cruz Plaza, Santa Cruz, Chile

- Abstract submission and more information: Karla Jaramillo at


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