Last update: 09/11/2016

Industrial Organization Workshop Background

The Workshop on Industrial Organization (TOI) is an initiative created by the Industrial Organizaition Group of the Institute for Complex Engineering Systems (ISCI), in December 2008. With the aim of summoning local investigators and professionals working in the area, this workshop has become the first organized group in Chile and Latin America.

Year after year, the TOI has involved the presence of globally recognized researchers who have participated in the workshop as guest speakers. 

Our international keynote speakers have been:

- Kenneth  Hendricks, University of Texas at Austin 

- Thomas Hubbard, Northwestern University 

- Ralph Winter, University of British Columbia 

- Gary Biglaiser, University of North Carolina 

- Aviv Nevo, Northwestern University  

- Michael Riordan, Columbia University  

- Michael Waldman, Cornell University  

- Matthew Shum, California Institute of Technology 

- Thomas Ross, University of British Columbia 

- Joseph Harrington, Johns Hopkins University 

- Luís Cabral, University of Navarra 

- Yongmin Chen, University of Colorado at Boulder 

- John Asker, New York University 

- Hugo A. Hopenhayn, UCLA 

- Justin P. Johnson, Cornell University 

- Rabah Amir, The University of Arizona 

- Jin Li, Northwestern University 

- Tracy Lewis, Duke University 

- Stephen Ryan, University of Texas at Austin 

- Raphael Boleslavsky, University of Miami

- Bruno Jullien, Member of the Toulouse School of Economics

- Mar Reguant, Stanford University

- Patrick Rey, University of Toulouse

- Yossi Spiegel, Tel Aviv University

- Heski Bar - Isaac, University of Toronto

- Ulrich Dorazelski, Wharton University of Pennsylvania

- Ali Hortacsu, University of Chicago

- Ariel Pakes, Harvard University 

- Michael Powell, Northwestern University 


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